Importance of Vitamins for Vegetarians

Importance of Vitamins for Vegetarians

The number of vegetarians and flexitarians has been growing in recent years. The reasons are diverse, it may be for health reasons, because meat is a bit harder to digest. But also to reduce the burden on the environment or the welfare of the animals. Eating meat every day goes a bit further and the step from less meat to real vegetarian food is made quickly. The disadvantage of eating entirely vegetarian is that you have a chance of a deficiency of certain vitamins.

Which vitamins and nutrients can you lack as vegetarians?

Vegetarians Vitamin You can also get various nutrients found in meat from other vegetarian alternatives.
Then think of proteins, which you can very well replace with quinoa, buckwheat and chia seeds, for example.

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And vitamin D2, which you can normally find in fish, can also be supplemented by adding mushrooms to your food.
To replenish iron, you do not have to eat meat per se, which is abundant in green vegetables, beans, cashews, oatmeal, raw cocoa and more.

Vegetarian dishes often contain chickpeas, lentils and split peas, these ingredients contain much of what you lack in a vegetarian diet. The only vitamin that really only occurs in animal products is vitamin B12, which you can only supplement with a supplement.

Are you just on the path of eating different and vegetarian then you have the chance that you also lack the other vitamins and it is wise to take a complete supplement for vegetarians. If you eat completely vegan, this means that you do not eat any animal products at all, including eggs or dairy, you run an even greater risk of vitamin deficiency.

How do you recognize vitamin B12 deficiency?

You need vitamin B12 for good resistance, healthy red blood cells and your energy supply. In the event of a deficiency, there are various symptoms, from vague complaints to serious damage.

If you recognize one or more of the complaints below, it is certainly advisable to add an extra supplement to your daily routine.

Mood swings
Mood swings
Tingling in hands and / or feet
Dull hair
Sensitive mouth
Pale face
Bloody gums
Diarrhea or blockage
Stomach complaints including diarrhea or constipation
Inexplicable weight loss
For example, the Vitamin B12 from Flinndal is a complete supplement for vegetarians and easy to take because it is a lozenge!


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